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These Wholesale Retail CBD Honeysticks are full of natural sweet honey and CBD. Designed for individual snacking, they packaged for easy carry in your lunch sack, bag, backpack and purse. hey are a delicious, satisfying, healthy snack and are a great at helping you avoid the unhealthy snack temptaion.

Containing 10 MG of CBD, these CBD Honeysticks are very beneficial to your health. With the all-natural honey in the sticks it is a healthy, delicious option in receiving your daily intake of CBD. They can be used as a nice, convenient treat or even used in your hot tea. Either way, honey sticks are a perfect way to relax and enjoy your day.

We offer both retail and wholesale cbd honey stickes.

All orders are sent Priority 2-3 Day Mail, you could expect some delays due to COVID-19

CBD Oil Honey Sticks

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Fantastic for on the go and when you need a quick CBD boost.

No THC  Third party lab tested.
10mg CBD per stick. (10 pack)

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Price: $20.00




Family Pack- The best value for this fantastic on the go honey stick when you need a quick CBD boost.
No THC   10mg CBD per stick.

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Price: $199.00




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