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Born from a passion & commitment to the health and wellness industry that spans over a quarter century. CBD Oil Products For Sale.com is your source for the most effective hemp based, THC free, 3rd party tested CBD Oil products that actually have beneficial amounts of CBD in them available online.We are also sold in many places throughout the USA. Our CBD oil company is located in Tulsa OK.

Through providing trust worthy educational information and targeted product recommendations based on specific health benefits finding the right cbd oil products for you is made simple. We are also committed to partnering with the local community and industry leaders to further community education as well as promote these high-quality legal hemp-based CBD oil products available through specific retail locations as well.

Quality does matter!

  • Production Transparency - from seed to you
  • Locally sourced industrial hemp
  • 100% American Made
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My name is Alice B and I would like to share with you my experience with CBD.  My husband and I attended an event at Ardmore, OK.  it was here that my life changed for the better!  I can even remember the date, May 3, 2019 I happened to meet Tara and I was in a wheelchair and very depressed.  I started taking the CBD oil and within a week my depression I struggle with improved and now is gone.  I went to a family reunion recently and it was goodbye wheelchair I walked and walked!!  I also have 2 auto autoimmune diseases and had strep 8 times in a row, not any more.  I had Epilepsy and have gone the longest ever without a seizure.  I recommend this product and Tara who really cares about you as person. I hope you take the step and have relief as I do.     7.3.2019

Oh my gosh, I was in the middle of a full-blown anxiety attack this morning at work. I have been struggling with them for a long time and I have tried almost everything.  I had like three of them and finally I was over it and took the stuff you had my husband buy for me, as skeptical as I was.  It was amazing. Within moments my body just calmed down.  Thank you so much for being at the right place at the right time so my husband could get this for me.
Liz H.   6.26.2019

I have tried several lines of hemp CBD over the last several years and the product from New World CBD is the best line I have tried. I saw immediate results with pain and inflammation using the topical balm.  My headaches, the pain in my body, my sleep & anxiety levels were so much better with the tincture.  Thanks for all the great educational information and selling high-quality CBD oil products that actually work.   Rebecca J.

After dealing with an unusual foot pain for a while that I only experienced in the mornings when first applying pressure to the ball of my foot getting out of bed, my wife recommended I try a non-THC CBD oil and a topical balm. To be honest I was extremely skeptical but tried it anyway. The very next morning when I stood up out of bed the pain was at least 50% less & after less then 2 weeks the pain was gone!  Wasn’t expecting that.... and as a side note, I noticed that my sleep had improved also from taking the tincture twice a day consistantly. Once a skeptic, now a very satisfied customer.  Chris S.    

I burned my hand during Thanksgiving and you know how painful burns are. I figured I had nothing to lose but the pain.  I tried the topical CBD balm on it and it IMMEDIATELY took all the burn pain away!!!!  Everyone should have this in their kitchen!!  LOVE IT!!  Tara S. 

I  have inflammation on my right elbow and as a violist/violinist and a  barber, it was becoming difficult to deal with the pain. New World CBD  alleviates the pain.  It seems to also clear my mind and give me more energy. I recommend others to try it!  Kerry L.

New World CBD oil is awesome!
CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg, CBD Oil Tincture 500mg

Before tying pet CBD oil, I had tried my dog on two vet recommended glucosamine supplements as well as one highly recommended by a friend. I saw improvements over the months with Ben, but he still had his really hard days frequently. It came to the point where over thanksgiving I had to give him Rimadyl daily for arthritis and joint pain, and I knew that had to tear up his liver. Tara recommended CBD, and so I started giving Ben 10 drops in the morning and a night. Within the first week, we saw Ben no longer panting heavy like he had been known to do. Ben also has bad arthritis in his back end, so because of that, him wagging his tail was few and far between. We noticed he started to wag his tail more often! His bad days have been getting less and less, and he is starting to get up and down better. I firmly believe Ben only had a few months left to live because of how fast he was going downhill, and now I do not think that anymore. He has been doing so much better and he just looks so much better in general! I would highly recommend CBD for your pet and CBDoilproductsforsale.com  

 Jade W.