Interst for cannabidiol is exploding

Interst for cannabidiol is exploding

Online interest for cannabidiol have exploded over the last couple   years, outpacing searches for Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and more.

At  this point, labeling CBD as 2019’s biggest wellness trend simply   doesn’t go far enough. Stars like Kristen Bell and Oliva Wilde  touting  its health benefits have certainly helped CBD cross into the   mainstream. But CBD’s therapeutic potential really demonstrates why   Americans have flocked to the cannabinoid. From intractable  epilepsy,  PMS symptoms, and a better night’s sleep, CBD is providing  relief for  many where there was previously none.

This might explain how CBD  has become more popular than Beyoncé and  kale. According to Cannabis  MD’s Knowledge Navigator, which tracks  consumer trends, online interest  for cannabidiol have exploded over the  last couple years. Pulling from  internet searches and social media  profiles, the Knowledge Navigator  shows that CBD hasn’t even peaked  online yet.

The Knowledge Navigator’s data, The Observer notes,  falls in  line with current Google Trends analytics as well. CBD not  only  surpassed Beyoncé for online chatter, but also bested Kim  Kardashian and  veganism.

Intrigue  around CBD really took off in 2018, the year Congress  decriminalized  hemp via the Farm Bill. That persistence of interest, in  part, is  fueled by the confusion around what CBD can and can’t do, as  well as an  unregulated market. In some cases, the CBD oil you buy might  be bogus,  though the Food and Drug Administration is dropping hints that   tightened regulatory standards are coming soon.

Until then, it’s  important to know which CBD product is right for  you and how to  accurately spot fake CBD.Remember, misinformation around  CBD can be  life-threatening if being used medicinally. Thankfully, we  have a  beginner’s guide to get you started.

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