More about Tara and A Touch Above LLC

More about Tara and A Touch Above LLC

A Touch Above, LLC has been in business for 25 years.Tara Safran is the owner and has been a nationally licensed massage therapist for 25 years utilizing her skills, passion and knowledge to help people live a healthier, happier life.She is a breast cancer survivor of 2 ½ years and through her own journey was introduced to CBD products through her Naturopathic cancer doctors. The CBD has helped her with pain, anxiety, migraines, nausea, insomnia, inflammation, and keeping her body as healthy as she can.  In return she wanted to share and educate people on the benefits of CBD  since most people don’t know much about it. Yet CBD is such a huge beneficial piece of our overall health puzzle. If you are alive, you can benefit from CBD in her opinion. Tara is certified in CBD cannabinoid physiology and health. She is dedicated to education, bringing you trustworthy, effective, and a variety of CBD oil products you can rely on. She loves to be an inspiration and encourage others on their own personal journey. With years of knowledge and experiences she is excited to share her blog of “Tara’s Tip’s".

Tara's Certifications

CDB Certification (PDF)

National Massage Certification (PDF)

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