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CBD Goes Mainstream


CR surveyed more than one thousand CBD users nationwide to find out whether it’s changing their lives—and how


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CBD Facts

Learn the facts about CBD and what to look for so you get Real CBD!

Confused about Hemp Oil, Industrial Hemp Oil, Hemp Extract Oil, and Cannabis Oil'

Are you confused about the different varieties of oil on the market created from Cannabis' Want someone to tell you the facts without elaborating or using a pitch to get you hooked on their products' Well, look no further than our website. 


Learn how hemp CBD oil can help with PTSD.

Dosage Chart

Learn how much CBD you should take

CBD Hemp Oil: Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

Read more on the benefits, uses and side effects of CBD.

CBD helps with Sleep

Why CBD is a sleep aid of choice.  Read more.....

How CBD helps Diabetes

Read below to learn more about how CBD helps with diabetes.

Neurological benefits of CBD

Info from Pub MD on Neurological benefits of CBD

Digestion and CBD

Do you have digestion problems?  If so, click here to learn more.